• This album was unplayable immediately. It would play a few seconds of a song and start skipping. It did this on both vinyls on both sides no matter what song you put it on. I was skeptical that it may have been counterfeit because the cover appeared to be a lower quality cardboard than you would expect. The stick in the middle of the vinyls also seemed a bit off. I don't have anything else to reference and would've been fine with those flaws if it actually worked.

    This has to be one of my favorite Hip-Hop albums I own. Of all the rap I've listened to, I feel like this is Eminem in his prime. The aggression and flow sync perfectly together to create one of the greatest albums I've heard. As someone who usually only picks a single here or there from an artists album, this has to be one of the first and few albums where I was able to maintain interest to the whole album straight through.



    This is an absolutely brilliant album! On first listen the music and lyrics draw you in to a fun and serious ride of emotion, humor and tie'ins to some awesome tracks by other artists. I absolutely love it. It's amazing how he ties his new lyrics with lyrics of old to create a totally new sound that still takes you back to earlier Eminem. Great melodies, awesome flow, intense lyrics and beautiful guests lyrics (ie. Sia, Skylar, Rhianna, etc.). If this becomes Em's last album, he goes out with a bang! I hope that it's not his last. This guy is the epitome of rap. He's a lyrical genius.

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  • The second album skyrocked the game forever! The Low End Theroy set it all straight!!! In 1991, I was seven year old when the album blast off the new lane.

    1.Excursions-Q-Tip explains hip hop reminds him and his dad of jazz music because jazz music introduces the world to hip hop along with funk and James Brown. Tip can do it better than ever.The bassline is booming the entire joint and i'm like "Wowwww!"

    2.Buggin' Out-Make way for Phife aka The 5 Foota! The bassline shocks me to the core and i'd say this is my favorite joint of my life. Ist verse was like reminded me of N.W.A. in their "Express Yourself" when they make their way off a MLK's I Have a Dream speech. Microphone check 1,2! What is this? Welcome to Phife's world! What I like about the song is the bassline.Ever!!! Phife and Q-Tip tagging each other on the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th verses. That's dope and hype they ever did!



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